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jStock POS Retail Point Of Sale System

Used by more than 2,000 companies, with 5,000 stores operating over 10,000 Point of Sale terminals worldwide, jStock retail POS system is proven to simplify daily store operations by means of a centrally controlled software system across the entire retail chain.

Aimed at bettering user experiences, a retail solution based on jStock POS helps retailers level the playing field within a competitive environment, enabling the automation of Point of Sale (POS) processes, store operations, inventory management processes and reporting. The solution delivers the capability to connect and integrate the financial management and retail system across a multi-store network.

Featuring a role-centred experience, the solution grants store managers with access to a vast array of information. The solution is tailored to grow with the business, can easily be extended, and default workflows altered to meet different needs.

Powered by a secure, central database, the solution enables data to be copied and transmitted between POSs, sites and head office, providing users with a clear overview of data at any point in time, whilst enabling for a replica to be kept to make sure that data is never lost.

jStock POS is a retail point of sale system that can be used in

  • Super markets
  • Department stores
  • Warehouse stores / Resellers
  • Boutiques
  • Convenience stores
  • And any kind of retail business.

Some reasons why you need jStock point of sale

  • Available Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
  • Manage Multiple Users and Locations
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Make Smarter Decisions
  • Interactive POS Interface
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Complete control over flow of goods from ordering to dispatch
  • Real-time views of stock levels and inventory valuation

Some of the features include

  • Cash sales, Sale Invoices, Credit Notes, Quotations
  • Sales commissions
  • Suspended sales
  • Customer Relations : Easily add new customers at the point-of-sale. Check client purchase history, issue vouchers, check points balances, and points redeemed.
  • Supplier Management , Purchase orders, Purchase invoices
    • Use reports to check low stock items and use purchase order module to reorder goods and keep track of the order status. 
  • Delivery schedules & Shipments
  • Advanced article management
    • Insert the barcode, article ref code, description, supplier, stock category and tax. Assign up to six selling prices to the article, insert the cost and you will be displayed with the profit margins. You can include additional data such as shelf, size, colour and reorder quantities and even add your own fields.
  • Product variants
    • Do you have products with multiple sizes, colours or other variants? Quickly create multiple variants from an existing article maintaining the same details except for the barcode, size and colour.
  • Stock control
    • Reorder levels
    • Product Photos and customizable product attribues
    • Stock serialization
    • Multi price tiers per client type
    • Barcode & Label printing, Packing Slips & Labels
    • Pre-pack items barcode with price or weight
    • Customizable Units of Measurement (UoM)
    • Inventory Top-Ups
    • Out of stock and expiry date alerts
    • Real-time reports for item-wise, location wise stock levels.
  • Product Bundles / Kits You can bundle your products together in various ways to form new products, with different prices.
  • Discount schemes and Sale options
    • You can grant discounts on cash sales either on specific products, or a percentage discount or a specific amount. Specific customers can be granted a discount percentage beforehand. You can also limit the amount of discount each salesperson can give.
  • Loyalty Program – Build loyalty through programs that reward your customers’ purchases. Display loyalty points balances on your customer receipts that can be redeemed against selected products or cash discounts.
  • Automatic re-order of stock where by the system can warn you that certain stock needs to be re-ordered and can automatically generate purchase orders to suppliers.
  • Automatic stock expiry reports
  • Customizable receipts and reports
    • Show your logo and custom text on customer receipts, invoices, vouchers, quotes and statements. 
  • Price checker screen
    • Customers can scan items and see price information and other offers, or scan their loyalty card and see how many points they have accumulated.
  • Multi Location & Remote Sites
    • Our POS can be installed in remote locations with each location working independently. Each site can also work offline and when online synchronize all stock and sales to the main site.
    • Check product levels at other stores from the POS. Order items from other locations, generate a transfer out from the dispatching location and automatically transfer in the stock when accepting the stock at the receiving location.
  • Workshop module
    • Our retail system has a built-in worskhop system with job sheets where you can list the items used to do the repair, the labour hours etc. At the end of the job, you can issue the invoice to your client and all stock control of the parts used automatically maintained.
  • Warranties & Item Returns
    • You can manage all item warranties including replacements and returns.
  • Accounts built-in module
  • VAT Integrated for Taxation Reports
  • Multi-Register
  • Credit & Customer Card Processing
  • Weighting scales integration
  • Employee Management , Punch clock and Payroll
  • Factory Productions
    • Task Assignments
    • Product buildups
    • Systems Orders and Planning
  • Rental module
  • Re-seller modes with different prices per client base.
  • Ecommerce
    • WordPress WooCommerce & Magento integration. Transform your business into an online store by easily adding pictures and product descriptions and pushing your products to the web.
  • Touch-Screen Ready
  • Multi lingual interface
  • Flexible Security Levels
  • Supports 2D barcodes and RFIDs
  • And much more…

Download jStock POS demo from the following link and try it out!