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jRestaurant POS Point Of Sale System

We have been providing a bar & restaurant point of sale (POS) system for many years and we can proudly say that this is one of our strongest and most popular software.

This restaurant system is ideal for all catering environments being a pizzeria, a fast-food, fine dinning, a cafeteria or any other food-service.

You can have your waiter taking an order from their PDAs or mobiles and have the order printed in the kitchen and bar printers, or else ask for the bill or add an additional item even once the order was sent to the kitchen. jRestaurant POS has so many features after all these years of usage in different establishments that its impossible to list them all. One thing is sure, is that since this software was built on ideas coming from catering establishments all over the world, it is for sure one of the best software out there which was proven to work for many years.

jRestaurant POS was tested in very busy establishments were multiple transactions occur at the same time. The system prevents human errors by presenting a user friendly interface that is super easy to use and makes it super quick to take an order. In fast food establishments you have to be fast when taking an order, you cannot spend minutes looking at the screen trying to figure out where is that item. In jRestaurant POS with 3 clicks you get to your item no matter how big is your menu, with images and categorization and item toppings you have a powerful tool to manage your business.

jRestaurant POS interface is touch friendly in the sense that all functions are accessible on touch screens even on small 7″ tablets you can still feel comfortable taking an order.

Here are some of the functions we have in our software.

  • Different modes for restaurants, fast food and bars
  • Home delivery function with caller id
  • Retail mode with barcode integration
  • Unlimited users & workstations
  • Intuitive Bill Splitting
  • Table layout design with different colors and shapes for each table
  • Z-Readings , X-Readings , PLU Report
  • Tips Management
  • Wireless Orders from PDAs
  • Stock Control
  • Recipes Management where you can tell the system how many shots you get from a bottle of Vodka or you can tell the system the recipe for a pizza including costing of each ingredient, thus get the actual profit that you are doing.
  • Reorder levels
  • Stock Expiration
  • Table Reservations
  • Customer Relationship Management CRM
  • Discount Schemes
  • Kitchen Display Screen where instead of sending the orders to the kitchen printers, orders are displayed in real-time on a screen.
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Happy hours and special prices
  • Pizza Toppings
  • Hotel Property Management System (PMS)
  • Reporting
    • Sales/Purchases reports
    • Tax reports
    • End of day reports z/x readings
    • PLU reports
    • etc
  • Statistics & Sales Predictions including best waiter, best customer, most used table, best selling dish and other statistics.
  • Expenses
  • Outside Catering
  • Supplier Management & Purchases
  • Accounting Module
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Integration with online ordering & reservation systems
  • Banqueting & Events Management
  • Multiple menus
  • Built in Hotel PMS
  • Punch clock & Payroll module with integration with fingerprint readers
  • Kiosk Mode – jRestaurant POS can run in kiosk mode where the customer can order the food himself. It can be installed on tablets attached to table where the customer can even send the order to the kitchen or ask for the bill, and also on kiosk machine for self-service.
  • And much more…

These were some of the features of jRestuarant POS. You can download the demo and try it out! For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.