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jPharma POS

A system which evolved from jStock POS with specific functions targeting pharmacies and hospitals. It has the majority of functions from jStock POS except the ones which will never be used in pharmacies and hospitals, plus more specific functions which are useful in the health industry. The interface was tweaked so as to be more easier to understand in the healthcare industry such as clients are known as patients, products are known as drugs etc.

jPharma originated from jStock POS and was used first in hospitals and clinics in Africa. Today its being also used in pharmacies all over the world. The following are some of the functions present in jPharma POS

  • Patient records
  • Patient history
  • Patient appointments
  • Patient diagnosis
  • Patient treatments
  • Patient medication
  • Treatments & Consultations
  • Doctors database
  • Drugs can be tagged as with prescription or dda
  • Expiration stock reports
  • Stock control and reorder levels
  • POS for sales
  • And other features from jStock POS