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jHotel PMS Channel Manager

jHotel PMS Channel Manager

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Update your availability and rates in one place by using what is called a Channel Manager and all your rooms and prices will be available on, expedia etc.

We have partner shipped with myAllocator so as to give you this service. Basically once a booking comes in from you will have instantly in your PMS software meaning that you do not have to re-enter the information two times.

You do not need to manage it yourself, because jHotel PMS will do it for you. You do not need to upload availability or change prices during high season, or see what bookings came in from the different channels.

This work is all done in the background. You just need to keep using your PMS software and worry about nothing. So the screenshot you see above which is normally used to see what bookings came in from or expedia for example you will never need it because all bookings will be inside jHotel PMS.