"We build custom software for small business, including stock control, retail barcode systems, restaurant pos, internet cafes, internet shops and websites"

jRestaurant Major Features and Benefits

Installation and Setup
- Easy to install.
- Step-by-step procedure for installing and setting up the system

Dining Functions
- Dining Room Table Management.
- Phone Order Processing.
- Kitchen Order Printing.
- Fast order and Checkout Processing.
- On-Screen item grid.
- Automatic Table number prompting.
- Detailed Profitable Reports.
- User Definable Menu.
- Handles Multiple Remote Printers.
- Recalls report from any given day.
- There is no limitations on the number of menu items you can created, and/or no. of tables.
- Create as many departments or categories as you need.
- Assign Department Names you want.

Inventory Control Functions
- Inventory Control built in
- Out of stock reports.
- Re-order point alarms.
- Vendor tracking.
- Multiple pricing levels.
- Detailed inventory reports.
- Add inventory items at any time.
- Create Deartments or Categories for your Inventory Items
- Allows you to group inventory items into different categories.

Point of Sale Functions
- Checkout customers fast.
- Many quick checkout options.
- Optional inventory lookups.
- Calculate and display change.
- Automatically calculates change.

Report Functions
- Detailed sales history.
- Daily Gross Profits
- Summary of all invoices for all cashiers.
- Detailed Daily Report
- Grand Total by Cashier
- Grand Total Sales by Item
- Grand Total by Date

Unique Features
- Optional Notes per item
- All details of every transaction stored.
- Split tender.
- Touch Screen Technology
- Does not require any special hardware
- If you want you can also purchase the wireless plug-in which will enable you to use wireless PDAs

Security Functions
- Password Protection.
- Define the functions allowed for each cashier.

Network Setup
- Set up the system on a network of any kind.
- Includes both single-user (one workstation) and multi-user(more then one workstation pointing to the same data on the server)

jRestaurant can be installed either on one computer or else all over the network. Other organizations provide a single-user version at a low price and the multi-user version at a much higher price. We don't do this. Infact we are offering jRestaurant at the same price!!!

Therefore you can have as many workstations as you want. You will pay nothing extra.

Computer Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
> Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000 with 32 megs of RAM or better
> 486 or higher (Pentium better)
> CD ROM drive, 3.5" floppy drive.


These are some of the feature we are providing in our Bar & Restaurant POS system. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free demonstration of our product.

We build custom software for small business including stock control, retail barcode systems, restaurant point of sale (pos),internet cyber cafes, internet shops, e-commerce websites, online shops , hosting etc.

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